Fezzik was my very first leachianus that I raised from a tiny baby.  He is a pure Nuu Ana and was produced by Joe Hupp (Tremper lines)
He is paired to Beatrice and was previously paired to Killian.
This season he is paired to Trix


Trix is a Nuu Ana x GTx
Produced by Kawaii Reptiles
Dam is a big snowflake from Philippe
(Grandfather is an F2 snowflake pictured on the back of the Rhacodactylus book by Philippe, Frank Fast and Repashy).
Sire is a GTX
Nuu Ana x GTX



BeeBee is a pure Nuu Ana with lots of pretty pink pattern.  She was produced by Rusty Miller.
Currently she is paired with Fezzik.


Brando is a Nuu Ana male that was produced by Rusty Miller ( RM Reptiles).  He is paired to Delilah


Big and bold....that describes Killian.   Produced by Guyco Gecko.  She goes from shades of light green to a dark blackish green.  Fantastic producers and all her babies carry on her size.  Our holdback is Lunar (see below).  She is residing with Paris Reptiles currently and is paired to their male Walter. 


Delilah is such a cool leachie....so pretty in all her color phases.  She is the dam for Nugget my pretty gold leachianus.  


Nugget was produced here at Tailspinz from Brando x Delilah.  Nuu Ana/ Nuu Ami female.
She was a yellow baby and is still keeping that yellow tone as she grows.  She is set to pair with Lunar when they are of age.